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Calibration & Certification


ISO 17025, ISO 9000, & QS 9000 Compliant – NIST Traceable

BSG provides an economical, independent source for the on-site calibration and certification of both vertical and horizontal type balancing machines, regardless of age, manufacturer, or instrumentation.

Our service and reports are provided in full compliance with ISO 17025, and ensure your compliance with applicable ISO 9000 and QS 9000 requirements.

The certification of accuracy we perform is traceable to NIST and the Certification Sticker is valid for one (1) year.

When needed, we can perform the calibration service on off-hours in order to reduce balancing machine downtime. We can also help with balancing procedures, establishing balancing tolerances, and training balancing machine operators.

Here are the basics you should be familiar with, so we can provide you a quotation on our Balancing Calibration and Certification Service:

  • Is a Test Rotor for Certification Testing available? The test rotor should have provisions for test weights in two planes at equally spaced locations (30 or 45 degrees) and be of an acceptable size for the machine being certified. If a test rotor is not available let us know, since we have ISO and ARP rotors suitable for shipping. Larger machines over 25,000 lb. capacity will require customer supplied rotor with weights.
  • Is an operator familiar with the balancing machine available to stop and start the machine, and to make sure all Safety Practices are observed?
  • Is the balancing machine presently being used and in operating condition?
  • If more than one machine requires certification, please let us know since this will reduce the per machine cost.
  • Manufacturer and Model Number(s) of the machines instrument to be certified should be provided.
  • Any additional information that needs to be known prior to certification.

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