Dynamic Balancing System


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your existing dynamic balancing system to extend its functionality – all brands and types

The EasyBalance Dynamic Balancing Machine Instrumentation System has been specifically produced for upgrading and modernizing existing balancing machines, both vertical and horizontal, regardless of brand or age.  

This balancing instrumentation system is compatible with IRD, Schenck, CEMB, American Hofmann, Hines, Stewart Warner and others. The EasyBalance Balancing Instrumentation System utilizes the machines existing sensors and cables, so installation is straightforward. The software runs in a Windows environment, making reports easy to produce and understand. It is suitable for field-balancing as well as shop balancing.


Use this high-end, digital system to get instant improvements in both results and operator efficiency. Use with:

·  any brand or age balancing machine
·  soft-bearing and hard-bearing machines
·  single-plane or two-plane balancing machines
·  horizontal, vertical or side-spindle balancing machines

Rotor Setup Screen

Polar Display

Results OK Screen

Keyway Compensation Screen

The EasyBalance Dynamic Balancing Machine Instrumentation System provides new life and top performance for any balancing machine. Gain instant productivity and performance increases.

  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Ultra-linear circuitry
  • Ultra-low noise amplifier
  • Automatic calibration mode
  • Automatic plane separation optimization
  • Digitally controlled gain network
  • Advanced specialized auto-tune filter, combining zero-phase error bandpass with advanced wattmetric filter technology capable of retrieving even the smallest unbalance signals, buried under several magnitudes of signal noise.
  • Over 120 dB signal range
  • Intelligent encoder data acquisition
  • Complete ARP4048 test and certification capability included
  • Superior suppression of extraneous and noisy signals
  • Compatible with IRD, Schenck, Hines, Stewart Warner, Hofmann, CEMB and others
  • Print-to-paper or print-to-file (paperless) print reports
  • Automatic calibration routine (click and calibrate)
  • Teach mode (rotor-specific calibration)
  • Precise, repeatable results
  • Highly advanced balancing instrumentation circuitry
  • SAE/ISO/ARP test certifiable
  • Designed for the most demanding dynamic balancing machine applications
  • Upgrade and modernize any balancing machine, regardless of brand or age
  • Completely replaces the existing measuring system
  • high-end two-channel balancing electronics
  • high-end dynamic balancing software for Windows (Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, 32 and 64 bit)
  • Standard version 100 to 10,000 RPM speed range
  • Available in low-speed version (50 to 5,000 RPM)
  • Available in ultra-low-speed version (6 to 200 RPM)
  • Available in high-speed version (500 to 50,000 RPM)
  • Available in ultra-high-speed version (5,000 to 200,000 RPM)
  • Easy to learn, easy to use, point-and-click simplicity


Load this multi-plane dynamic balancing calculator software program into laptop and easily perform complex dynamic balancing tasks. This $1,000 program provides features previously available only with high-end balancing instrumentation that costs over $10,000.


Let Us Retrofit Your System

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