About Us

BSG, Inc. provides experienced support training in all phases of dynamic balancing.  We have over 125 years of dynamic balancing experience on staff.  Providing dynamic balancing equipment, training and comprehensive service is our only business.  Training is normally done on site, and/or self training manuals which can include certification testing.  Other services include balancing machine certification for ISO 17025, ANSI/NCSL Z540 and ARP/SAE/ISO standards. We also provide textbooks, a balancing calculator and new/used balancing machines from (5) major manufacturers, along with a stock of accessories.


BS University of Texas

50 years balancing/vibration experience

22+ years Director IRD Balancing Division

28+ years President BSG, Inc.


BS Accounting Sam Houston University

7 years Ft. Bend County Deputy Sheriff

17 years Field Tech with BSG

Currently General Manager


10 Years Harris County Constable in the field.

10+ years as a professional chef.

7 years as Field Tech with BSG.